Agenda and Minutes of meetings

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  • Discuss level at which dues are set for 2015 – 2016 Financial Year
  • Discuss financial contribution of members in lieu of meal cost
  • Discuss payment of dues for this year to RI, District & Magazine
  • Homeless Connect asking for donation – Dorothy Barwick to outline
  • Shelterbox – Tamworth Clubs seeking to purchase Shelterbox for promotional / fundraising purposes (our cost $200)
  • Discuss website maintenance, general updating and specifically “Go To” link updating – Ken to Outline?
  • Discuss “My Rotary” especially as it relates to RDU & Rotary Magazine – Ken to outline?
  • Discuss guest speakers, protocols and technology for recording for later review
  • Discuss BBQ at J. & D. Barwick’s home on Saturday 18th July at 5pm
  • Finances – summary of income, expenditure and bills pending – John
  • What happened to deposit for Changeover Night – not on invoice from Wests.
  • Timing of meeting (1st week of month clashes with Combined Presidents Meeting) Maybe select 2nd and 4th Thursday of month? Update website as required.
  • Discuss representative to Combined Presidents Meeting for August 6th (6pm at Tamworth Hotel in Marius Street)– Dorothy unable to attend on that date
  • Curry fundraising night for Nepal – discuss details
  • Set time for next Go To Meeting






  • Ken Hall – he has asked us to record the meeting so that he can view it later.


  • It was decided that Club Dues would be set to $215.00 per member for the 2015 – 2016 Financial Year. This was determined from the “breakdown of (direct) costs payable from member dues” as circulated to club members prior to the meeting. John Mackay pointed out that additional costs such as the cost of the Australia Post Mailbox ($115 paid 25/3/15) and the annual cost of the “Go To Meeting” access were not included in this analysis. It was decided that members would be offered the option of either paying the full amount of $215 when invoices were issued later this month or alternatively paying two instalments of $107.50 – the first due in July and the second due in January. John Mackay will draft a suitable invoice, reflecting both options; to be issued to all eClub members and it will be sent after the BBQ.
  • In a conventional club most members will have a dinner meeting which amounts to a regular cost to members. As we do not have this financial impost, discussion was had as to whether members would be prepared to make small regular donation in lieu of a meal charge. It was decided that this was worthy of further discussion when all club members were present, including the new prospective members. John Mackay indicated that if this idea received widespread support it could put the club on a sound financial position which would enable it to undertake worthwhile projects in the future, particularly if it could be leveraged with grant money. The counter argument is that we are trying to make Rotary “accessible” and financial considerations are one of the things in the mix.
  • We discussed the payment of dues for the “The Rotarian” and “Rotary Down Under”. John and Dorothy indicated that they would like to receive the “The Rotarian” since their respective partners were already receiving “Rotary Down Under”. Rachael McGregor’s choice would be as indicated on her application form. I have since determined that she is listed to receive “The Rotarian” (as noted on the application form) however when I rang her she indicated that she had not been receiving “The Rotarian”.
  • It was decided that we would discuss donations to “Homeless Connect” and the ”Shelterbox for Fundraising and Promotional Purposes” at the BBQ meeting with prospective members on 18th
  • Ken Hall was absent so no discussion was entered into regarding website maintenance and updating. This will be held over to the next “Go To Meeting”. Ken’s request that the meeting be recorded also raises questions of access and storage which can be discussed at the next meeting and at the BBQ on the 18th.
  • Guest speakers, protocols and recording for later review can also be discussed further at the next meeting. There is an obvious overlap in the subject matter of this and the previous item (above).
  • Ken hall was absent from the “Go To Meeting”, however he has since indicated that he has attended to the issue of RDU or The Rotarian subscriptions on Friday.
  • Regarding the BBQ at Dorothy and John Barwick’s home for potential members – Dorothy indicated that we should all bring our own drinks, however food would be supplied. Dorothy Barwick indicated that she would email invitations, complete with a map or directions on how to get there. Annette will supply Mervin’s contact details and I will follow up with a view to asking him if he is interested in joining the club. Mervin is a chef and works odd hours.
  • John Mackay outlined our financial position. The matter of the wine that was incorrectly added to our account (invoice # 16063 for $168) has been resolved in our favour. John Mackay indicated that the Cheque and Deposit books that were ordered and reflected the new branding had arrived and payment of the bill for the Changeover Dinner ($604.00) would be made after I arranged co- signature with Ken Hall. The matter with online access has still not been resolved – I will email the bank representative for a resolution of this matter as my calls have gone to voicemail and not been returned.
  • It was decided that the timing of the club’s “Go To Meeting” would be changed because it clashes with President Dorothy Barwick’s commitments at the Combined President’s Meeting. It was decided that meetings would be held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 7pm to avoid the clash. The website will need to be updated to reflect the changes.
  • Dorothy Barwick has indicate that she cannot attend the Combined President’s meeting scheduled for August 6th and was asking for someone to go in her place. John Mackay suggested that Ken Hall was more experienced in such matters and that we discuss the matter with him at the BBQ.
  • Dorothy Barwick noted that there is a “Curry Night” being held on the 22nd of July, at the Powerhouse Motel as a fundraiser for the Nepal Earthquake victims. The cost is $50 and tickets can be obtained from the Collins Bookshop. Apparently the Chef has donated his time for the function for free. Much of the food has been donated and Rotarian Phil Chaseling has worked in Nepal – as such he has contacts there and we can be assured that the money will be directed to where it is most needed.
  • The Next “Go To Meeting” is scheduled for Thursday 23rd July at 7pm.


  • Ken hall advised that Dianna Boag, Wife of PRID John Boag, passed away last Saturday in Tamara private hospital. As noted at the meeting the memorial service was at 2pm Friday 10th July at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Church Street, West Tamworth. Dorothy Barwick indicated that she would draft and send a letter to John Boag on behalf of the club.
  • Name Badges for club members – John Mackay indicated that he had details for the supplier who supplied badges for the Calala Rotary Club. The relevant correspondence has been located and I will bring it to the BBQ.
  • Dorothy indicated that she had ordered Rotary Lapel Badges for club members and the cost was $60.00.