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Agenda for meeting 10 September 2015


  •  Discussion of the “Stop Hunger Now” program as discussed at the Joint Presidents Meeting, Ken Hall’s talk on this program and our part in it.
  • Correspondence
  • DG visit to Club 22nd October 2015
  • Lightening Ridge Drought Appeal
  • Inform members of Rotary excursion to Lightening Ridge being organized by Calala Rotary Club (23 , 24 & 25th October 2015) and open to other clubs.
  • Club Badges (Ken to advise cost to Club)
  • Member feedback – particularly new members – including whether they have been receiving ”RDU” or “The Rotarian”. I have an e-copy of RDU (issue 575 August 2015 and 576 September 2015) that I can forward on request.
  • Progress with Member Dues- some still outstanding
  • Statement of Financial Balances
  • Member input regarding Club Directory – suggest email and a preferred phone number
  • Can everyone access the Club website?
  • Set time for next Go To Meeting


MINUTES FOR GO TO MEETING THURSDAY 23rd JULY 2015   APOLOGIES:  Rob McDougall,  Tanya Burke,  Rachael McGregor

Welcome to new member – Christie Galloway

  • Correspondence discussed as per Agenda list. Two other items were presented, having arrived in the post after the Agenda was compiled and emailed.
  • John Mackay advised that the ASIC Registration of Business Name for e9650 Rotary Club had been completed on our behalf by Phil Lyon. Accordingly the club is registered until 03/02/2016 as advised in the email attached to the documentation. It will need to be renewed in February 2016.
  • Ken Hall suggested that there was no need to seek an “approval to fund raise” at this stage because the club was just getting started.
  • Dorothy Barwick indicated that the name of our club (Rotary Club of Tamworth North Trading As e9650) was cumbersome. Dorothy had some discussions with Jenny Coburn re changing the name. It was decided that we should wait until we have 20 members or more before making the change.
  • John Mackay advised that he had received a letter from Australia Post requesting that we supply an ABN for our Post Box. It was decided that John Mackay should do a Google Search for the relevant ABN for Tamworth North and draft a letter advising Australia Post of the outcome.
  • The RDU Invoice and Merchandise were discussed. Ken Hall advised that RDU do not print the “welcome to new member kits”, but this kit was sold by an American Company. Ken Hall advised he would investigate the matter and order 10 kits for the club. The club would reimburse any costs incurred. John Mackay will Draw a cheque to pay the RDU Invoice and arrange for Ken Hall to countersign it prior to mailing.
  • It was suggested that members be asked to contribute $5.00 per week to the Project Account in lieu of the meal charge that most Rotarians incur when attending the weekly meeting.
  • It was decided that we should order name badges for every member in the club. These would be used at social functions within the club and when members attended interclub or district gatherings. Dorothy Barwick suggested that we should support the local firms when sourcing the badges. It was decided that the badges would be ordered from New England Engraving. The Club name would be E9650 Rotary Club. It would have the member’s name and classification, be rectangular in shape, black on white and feature the Rotary Wheel. Ken Hall will contact New England Engraving and present the final details to the club.
  • It was decided that John Mackay would email the links for all the relevant Rotary Club websites to the new members. These links would include: Rotary Club of E9650, Rotary International, Rotary District 9650 and Rotary Down Under.
  • It was decided that our Club would lend support to the purchase of a “Shelterbox” for display and fundraising purposes in the Tamworth region. Accordingly, John Mackay would draw a cheque for $200.00 payable to “The Combined Rotary Clubs of Tamworth”, have it countersigned by Ken Hall and he and Ken would take it to the Combined Presidents meeting on Thursday 6th August at 6pm.
  • It was decided that our Club would donate $50.00 to the “Homeless Connect” program, however it has since been revealed that a donation is not necessary since “The Brethren are meeting the cost of the event.
  • Ken arranged with Christie to meet on Thursday 30th July at Alsops Signs with a view to updating the Club Website. I think he was going to see if Tanya would like to be involved as well.
  • We discussed the recording of Guest Speakers and the possibility of putting them on the website. This may be something we could revisit after Ken, Christie and Tanya have discussed the new website. It was agreed that Ken could present a talk on the “Stop Hunger Now” program that is coming to Australia in September. This could be our first “trial run” and it could be placed in the “public space” on our club website.
  • John Mackay will circulate the “enews bulletin” to all club members each week.
  • Next “Go To Meeting” is scheduled for Thursday, 13th August 2015 at 7pm



Agenda for meeting 23/07/2015


  • Welcome to new members and introduction to the “Go To  Meeting” program and general discussion.
  • Canvas new members to determine if they have specific areas of interest or would like to take club in any specific direction.
  • Correspondence –Lightening Ridge Drought Relief Fund
  • Membership Research and Programs
  • Invoice from RDU
  • Postcard from Japanese Rotary Club asking support for Nobel Peace Prize for Japan
  • Material for applications for the “Honeywell Engineering Summer School”
  • Record of Registration for Business Name for e9650 Rotary Club (Phil Lyon presented me with the paperwork at the Changeover Meeting (it is effective for 12 months and expires 03/02/2016)
  • Rotary Adventure in Citizenship dates for 2016 (tentative dates to run from 7th May to Saturday 14th May 2016 – depends on formal announcement of dates for Budget session of Parliament)
  • Rotary Down Under merchandise and invoice from RDU.
  • Club discussion on whether members are willing to contribute a small amount each week in lieu of the normal meal charge.
  • Name Tags – style and supplier
  • Ken Hall to outline when and where the $200 contribution to cost of purchase of “display Shelterbox” is to be paid. Same for $50 donation to “Homeless Connect.”
  • Discuss website maintenance and updating (held over from last meeting because Ken Hall was absent). New members have expertise in this area.
  • Discuss recording of meetings and process involved in saving and accessing these recordings. Also discuss location on website (Clubhouse?)
  • Discuss guest speakers, protocols, recording and location on website (could be public section or Clubhouse)
  • Set time for next Go To Meeting