Makeup Programs

Makeup Programs

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Name Category Media Date
The Philippine Polio-Plus Project Rotary Life Article 5/20/2014
Rotary member sacrifices record deal for disaster relief Rotary Life Article 5/19/2014
You are never too young to change the world Rotary Life Article 5/19/2014
Protecting our planet through Rotary Rotary Life Video 4/25/2014
Visit with French e-Club Rotary Life Article 4/24/2014
Rotary on Stamps Rotary Life Article 3/31/2014
Guatemala Literacy Project – Part II Rotary Life Article 3/10/2014
Everything begins with a Pencil . . . . (PART II) General Article 3/9/2014
Everything begins with a Pencil . . . . (PART I) General Article 2/11/2014



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