What happened at the GoTo meeting 30th October 2014

1. Dorothy Barwick was an apology from the meeting eating King Prawns on the beach. She made the suggestion that meetings should be on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at 7pm and this was agreed to by the meeting. The next GoTo Meeting will be held on Thursday 6th November, followed by one on Thursday 20th November and then the Annual General meeting will be held as a face to face meeting on Thursday 4th December.
John Green will investigate the Red Embers as a possible site for the AGM and Christmas party and see about the availability of  WiFi at the site so that out of Tamworth members can join the party.

2. John Mackay gave us a short potted history of his Rotary involvement to date and the reason for joining the eClub as he works unusual hours and this gives him the opportunity to join into Rotary activities.

3. John also talked about his recent helping at the Festival of Flight with the Rotary Club of Tamworth seeing his role as a gofer but I am sure that this view was not shared by other Rotarians who appreciated all the work that he did for Rotary over the weekend.  Annette suggested that this was a fund raising opportunity with members of the club hiring out their services to the clubs so that the eClub had the opportunity to raise funds for the Project account. Discussion occurred on the best way to raise funds and apart from this avenue it was also considered that members could look on line for other benevolent institutions that provide funding for projects.

4. Annette summarised what happened at the Club muster in Tamworth over the weekend and saw it as a great get together opportunity that we can participate in next year.

5. We then did a potted tour around the Club website and the Rotary District and International websites and sent requests to Bruce Hemmett for John Green and John Mackay to gain access to the Clubhouse section of the website. It was agreed that this would be an excellent forum  to members to communicate between themselves.

The meeting then closed at 9pm with everyone agreeing that it was a good and worthwhile meeting.