eClubs participate in breakout session at Toronto

At the RI Convention in Toronto last month fellow e-clubbers from 10 clubs presented a 90 minute breakout session titled “Best Practices for E-Clubs”.

This well attended meeting (between 250 and 300 people were in the audience) used Zoom as the communication platform and several presenters were in virtual attendance. Other than some minor technical hurdles the session went off without any major problems and so far we  have received many positive responses.

The meeting was recorded and can be viewed at the YouTube channel of our club:

The powerpoint slides have been uploaded to and can be found here:

All the speakers and the e-clubs that participated can be reached by clicking on their name, as the slides have a hyperlink to both the club’s website and their  e-mail address.


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Daniel’s patient wait for transformative surgery

After many years of waiting, last year Daniel from Samoa finally had his bilateral cleft palate repaired by a visiting Interplast team. It was a great outcome for the young boy, opening up a brighter future that will include less chance of social exclusion, better speech development, ease of eating and drinking, and more. But his story illustrates the challenges of treating conditions that are dealt with quite early in a child’s life in countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

Find out more in this story on our website.

Trekkers start preparing for their Base Camp adventure with Turia

We’ve had a fantastic response to our upcoming Everest Base Camp Trek with Turia Pitt, with 31 trekkers now signed up for the adventure of a lifetime. They’re all training hard, and making a great fundraising effort to reach our team target of $200,000. Examples include Sam Taylor, whose young sons (pictured) have been selling snacks to help their mum out, and Ella Ravell, who has been selling succulents and hosted a movie night. Can you help them out? Head to the Turia’s Everest Trek website to donate and push Turia and our amazing team past their fundraising goal!

Special thanks to our sponsor, Mountain Designs, for their generous and ongoing support of Interplast and our trekkers.

Programs get started for the New Year

The start of the New Year is a very busy period at Interplast. We kicked things off with a surgical mentoring visit to Vanuatu and a craniofacial surgery mentoring program in Colombo, Sri Lanka, which was also attended by a Nepali surgeon who travelled from Kathmandu.

Later in February, a head and neck surgical mentoring program will also be delivered in Colombo. Three full general plastic and reconstructive surgical programs will be delivered in Laos, Tonga and the Philippines. The Laos and Tonga programs will also include an allied health component, with either a hand therapist or a physio supporting the surgical team with the follow-up of patients and providing training to local staff.

The next six months are looking very busy as we aim to have delivered about 80 programs by the end of the financial year, and we will soon be starting our program planning for 2017-18.

Interplast included in Bendigo Rotary showcase

We were delighted to be part of the first leg of the 2017 Rotary Showcase Roadshow in Bendigo, northern Victoria, on Australia Day. About 15,000 people walked the circuit around Lake Weerona to learn about the many ways that Rotary is working for a better world. The most frequently heard comment was “I didn’t know that Rotary did all of these things”. Pictured you can see the local Chinese dragons dancing past the Interplast stand. View a gallery of images from the day here. Two more showcases will be held, one at Melbourne’s Federation Square in February and the other at Echuca, Northern Victoria, in June.

Our thanks to the Rotary clubs of Bendigo and region, and the District 9800 team.

Find out more about the important partnership between Rotary and Interplast here.

Thanks to your support, breast cancer education to continue in Solomon Islands

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to our Breast Cancer Education Appeal – you’re helping to educate women in the Pacific about breast cancer and making a difference for them and their families.

The next nurse education program that will include breast care education will be taking place in Honiara, Solomon Islands, in late May. The team will include three nurse educators, including Leah Lynch-Rurehe, a breast care nurse who will be returning to Honiara after her previous visit in June 2016. She will aim to continue breast self-examination training and provision of educational resources to the six remaining Honiara City Council clinics, along with education sessions in local churches. She will also provide education about a range of cancers as part of the Interplast nurse education program at the National Referral Hospital in Honiara.

We hope to extend these types of programs to other Pacific countries soon.

You can change futures across the Asia Pacific today

Your ongoing financial support allows us to continue our work to repair bodies and rebuild lives. Please make a secure online donation via our website donation page.

Rotary on the Move newsletter

Please click HERE to view – download the ‘Rotary On The Move’ Newsletter for February 2017.


Malcolm Lindquist on behalf of Zone Coordinators


Don’t knock Sausage Sizzles!!

We often ask members of the public if they are aware of the nature and work of Rotary in the community and are surprised when one of the major responses (sometimes the only response) is that Rotarians are involved in “sausage sizzles”. In an atmosphere where clubs are starved for recognition the catering experience is an excellent way of interacting with the public at large. Whether it be sausage sizzles at the local Bunnings or BigW, gourmet breakfasts, Do-nut vans or coffee supplies at special events there is always the opportunity to promote the work of Rotary to the public at large. But do we take advantage of the opportunity to promote our service activities? I know there are some customers who are there for the solely for the food and beverage but it is also amazing the number of people who are willing to chat and find out about our work as Rotarians. How do we make the most of our brief period of interaction? Not rocket science but the following are some of the ways in which I have seen clubs promote themselves at sausage sizzles. · Display the club banner · Hand out What is Rotary pamphlets · Promote club projects · Include Rotaractors · Invitation to visit the club or attend a club promotional activity · Past Rotary magazines for distribution to interested people · Encourage people with disabilities and carers to assist As well as the obvious benefits, such as the funds raised there are a variety of knock on effects that appear to be evident at most catering events. · Rotarians have fun · Rotarians are a diverse group including women and many cultural backgrounds. · Site owners are prepared to be sponsors or donors for other club events. For many small clubs and country clubs the sausage sizzle is an excellent way in which a small group of members can raise a significant amount of money to carry out visible community projects without members having to dip into their own pockets. Also for many clubs it is a cheap method of promotion that if marketed well can be a source of effective advertising of all those other wonderful projects of Rotary. So, make the most of the sausage sizzle, don’t knock it!

RAWCS Rover magazine February 2017

Hello ,

Please click to view February RAWCS Rover”.  

We hope you can join us at the next RAWCS meeting in Canberra 25th and 26th February. Details in the Rover.

YIR sue

PP Sue O’Neill, RAWCS Rover Editor

Sing, Dance, and Keep India Polio-Free!

Sing, Dance, and Keep India Polio-Free!

Selfies at a Khera Khurd polio rally

So much warmth, hospitality, and joy at the polio rally in Khera Khurd, a village on the outskirts of Delhi. And so many fun selfies! #endpolio

ingridBy Ingrid Schwab, Rotary staff

Amit says it feels like our team has been in India for a week, but really it’s been about two days. It definitely feels like a lifetime. This is the first Rotary staff Sub-National Immunization Day (SNID) trip to India, and our schedule is full of activities to experience and understand the fight to end polio. On this day, our colleagues at Rotary’s National PolioPlus office, Amit, Lokesh, and Deepak, arranged for us to take part in a polio awareness rally in Khera Khurd, a village on the outskirts of Delhi.

We first arrive at the local school and are greeted with beating drums, beaming smiles, and fragrant flower garlands. We are each welcomed with a tilaka on the forehead, made of red paste (for peace), rice grains (for happiness), and coconut (for success). We meet with Rotarian and community leaders, school administrators, teachers, and the schoolchildren. Many selfies and giggles later, we are treated to a special dance by girls in vibrant costume. You can tell from their proud and happy expressions they’ve practiced quite a bit. They very clearly have a “momager” who is first orchestrating from the side, then, overtaken by joy, joins the girls. They loop us one by one into the dance. We shake and twist our arms, flutter our hands in the air, put our feet out and lean to the side. We smile and laugh and our delight is captured on camera. Quite a celebration.

Stiltwalkers during the rally

Thanks to the efforts of Rotarians and their partners, this is no longer such a tall order.

The dancing and singing at the school leads into a parade through the village. There are signs, happy shouts, banners, and balloons. January 2011 marked India’s last case of polio and the country was officially certified polio-free by the World Health Organization in 2014. The excitement is genuine; it is vital to celebrate this tremendous success. It is also critical to keep sharing the message as polio is endemic in two countries in close proximity to India (Pakistan, Afghanistan) and recently resurfaced in Nigeria.

Heading home after a successful polio rally in Khera Khurd.

Heading home after a successful polio rally in Khera Khurd.

At the end of the parade, we are covered in dried sweat, dirt, and sunblock. We are also grinning from ear to ear. As our van heads back to our hotel in Connaught Circle, the driver turns the radio to a station playing 80s music. We hear the strains of a very familiar song, the theme music from Dirty Dancing: “I’ve had the time of my life/ No, I never felt this way before…” We ask the driver to turn up the volume and join in the song: “Yes, I swear… it’s the truth/ And I owe it all to youuuuuu…” We laugh and continue to dance and sing along to some old favorites. It is strange but fun to hear “Mambo Italiano,” for example, as we drive through Delhi. Gradually our energy fades, much like the fragrance of our flower garlands, as we nap and recharge for our next adventure.

Rotarians Action Group for Endangered Species (RAGES)

October/November News Bulletin


October/November News Bulletin

It has been a very busy two months for me personally with building work here in Australia.
During December I will be looking at ways we as members of RAGES can work together for those who have no voice.
RAGES will be looking for a new Chair in June at Atlanta.  I have to concentrate on my work as a District Governor for my District 9700 in 2018-2019.
Our Board will go through the correct procedures to elect a new Chair.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you can help and want to get involved in RAGES and our work on the ground in South Africa, Borneo and Malaysia.

Talk soon,  Yours in Rotary

DGN John Glassford
Chair 2014 -2017

Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species
Rotary Club of Coolamon District 9700
New South Wales, Australia


Enjoy a magical weekend in Foster on the NSW Mid North Coast…………………… The perfect get away.
Read on……………………….…….
This a great weekend for your club members.
The Rotary Club is staging Opera by the Lake at John Wright Park, Tuncurry  beside the beautiful Wallis Lake on 4th March 2017.
You’ll enjoy this fabulous musical journey featuring Voci Stupende with up to 6 performers with solos, duets, trios and the whole ensemble.
This will be an afternoon of glamour and glitz with arias and songs from some of the world’s best kn ow operas and musicals.
Gates open at 1.30 pm.
While enjoying a glass of wine and local oysters or a cheese platter, a trio of string musicians will entertain you.
…………… 4.00 pm Voci Stupende will burst on to the stage and delight you with their fabulous voices until 6.00 pm.
……………………and there is still time to enjoy the local cuisine at one of our local restaurants.
Book your tickets today on line at or telephone 1800 802 692.

Group Study Exchange team in Tamworth 2017

Alan St Clair writes:
Dear John and Cluster 6 Club Presidents,
I wish to confirm that your District has arranged a Group Study Exchange (GSE) exchange with German District 1900 from the Rhine/Ruhr area. Their team of five [a team Leader and four team members] will be in our district from Sunday 26 February through to Monday 27 March 2017 when they depart. Our team of also five will be in the German District from 28 May through to 25 June 2017. The end dates of these exchanges coincide with attendance at the District Conference.

The GSE Committee has agreed on an itinerary as follows:
Sunday 26 February – arrive Port Macquarie and stay motel;
Monday 27 Feb – 1 March – Port Macquarie;
Thurs 2 – 4 March – Coffs Harbour;
Sun 5 – 7 March – Armidale;
Wed 8 – 10 March – Inverell;
Sat 11 – 14 March – Narrabri and visit to Lightning Ridge;
Wed 15 – 17 March – Coonabarabran;
Sat 18 – 20 March – Tamworth;
Tues 21 -22 March – Taree;
Thurs 23 – 26 March – Laurieton inc Conference.
Monday 27 March – Leave Port Macquarie

I have arranged for the team to fly into Port Macquarie on Sunday 26 February to commence their exchange.

What I am asking for is assistance from the Cluster 6 Clubs to provide accommodation for the nights of 18,19,20 March and to liaise with the Coonabarabran Club for travel to Tamworth and then with Taree clubs for the next stage of their exchange. The clubs will also need to assist in providing vocational exchanges and also a regional tour re sightseeing etc. See attached draft page for example. Further details of their team will be provided in due course along with more details of each individual’s vocational requirements.

The team comprises:
Team Leader ;Dr Werner Efing from the Rotary Club of Bielefeld Waldhof. Vocation – Syndicate Manager
Team Members

  • Eduard Nikel birthdate 17/2/89, Sponsored by RC Detmold Blomberg. Vocation – Baker
  • Jost Bade birthdate 31/7/86. Sponsored by RC Paderborn. Vocation  – Business Administration
  • Marina Buschinski birthdate 18/10/88. Sponsored by RC Lüdenscheld. Vocation –  Sport Management
  • Yvonne Kübeck birthdate 22/1/90. Sponsored by RC Bielefeld-Sparrenburg. Vocation  – Sales Management.

If I could be provided with the relevant contact points for liaison purposes I can then work with them directly.
Should you require further information please contact me at  or 0410 437 915