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Malcolm Lindquist on behalf of Zone Coordinators


Don’t knock Sausage Sizzles!!

We often ask members of the public if they are aware of the nature and work of Rotary in the community and are surprised when one of the major responses (sometimes the only response) is that Rotarians are involved in “sausage sizzles”. In an atmosphere where clubs are starved for recognition the catering experience is an excellent way of interacting with the public at large. Whether it be sausage sizzles at the local Bunnings or BigW, gourmet breakfasts, Do-nut vans or coffee supplies at special events there is always the opportunity to promote the work of Rotary to the public at large. But do we take advantage of the opportunity to promote our service activities? I know there are some customers who are there for the solely for the food and beverage but it is also amazing the number of people who are willing to chat and find out about our work as Rotarians. How do we make the most of our brief period of interaction? Not rocket science but the following are some of the ways in which I have seen clubs promote themselves at sausage sizzles. · Display the club banner · Hand out What is Rotary pamphlets · Promote club projects · Include Rotaractors · Invitation to visit the club or attend a club promotional activity · Past Rotary magazines for distribution to interested people · Encourage people with disabilities and carers to assist As well as the obvious benefits, such as the funds raised there are a variety of knock on effects that appear to be evident at most catering events. · Rotarians have fun · Rotarians are a diverse group including women and many cultural backgrounds. · Site owners are prepared to be sponsors or donors for other club events. For many small clubs and country clubs the sausage sizzle is an excellent way in which a small group of members can raise a significant amount of money to carry out visible community projects without members having to dip into their own pockets. Also for many clubs it is a cheap method of promotion that if marketed well can be a source of effective advertising of all those other wonderful projects of Rotary. So, make the most of the sausage sizzle, don’t knock it!

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