MINUTES FOR FACE TO FACE MEETING (Held at City Sider Dining Room)

MINUTES FOR FACE TO FACE MEETING (Held at City Sider Dining Room) THURSDAY 22nd October 2015

APOLOGIES: Christie Galloway, Jill Forsyth

There were no Agenda items placed on notice this week.


  • Ken Hall advised that attempts to secure internet accessible bank accounts are ongoing. We have encountered a problem: The “Certificate of Incorporation” lists us as “The Rotary Club of Tamworth North Incorporated” and our ABN shows our “Entity name” as “North Tamworth Rotary Club Incorporated”. Apparently the bank sees this slight difference in the order of the words as two separate trading entities. After investigation it was suggested that we file an amendment to the “Certificate of Incorporation”. Accordingly the motion was put that “We change the name from the Rotary Club of North Tamworth Incorporated to North Tamworth Rotary Club Incorporated”.Seconded Tanika Douglas 


    • The motion was unanimously carried by all present.
    • Moved Dorothy Barwick
  • The motion was put that, “Our Christmas meeting would be a face to face meeting and would be on Sunday 6th December. Time and place to be advised”.Seconded Tanika Douglas 


  • Carried
  • Moved Kylie Pollard
  • Meeting ended 8:10 pm.
  • Next “Go To Meeting” is scheduled for Thursday, 12th November 2015 at 7:00 pm.