• There were no Agenda items placed on notice this week.


  • District Governors visit to our club: We are having a “face to face” meeting and meal at the City Sider Motel (in Marius Street near the Caltex Service Station) dining room on Thursday 22nd October. DG Maurie Stack and his wife De will be attending the venue and a “Go To Meeting” link will be established for anyone who cannot make the face to face meeting. I hope most of our members can attend and DG Maurie Stack has emphasized that he would like it to be a partner’s night. I will attach his email. The menu is as follows:
    Main:  Chicken Parmigiana or Lamb Cutlets by alternate drop (please advise in advance if you have special dietary needs)Complimentary: Bread and Orange Drink in jug on table Cost:               $30.00 per person  
  • Please advise Dorothy Barwick if you will be there on the night and advise us of any guests/partners who will be attending so that we have some idea of the number of people attending. If you could let us know by Monday the 19th of October it would be much appreciated.
  • Time:              6:00pm for 6:30pm
  • Drinks:           Tea or Coffee supplied and buy your own drinks
  • Sweets:          Sticky Date pudding or Fruit Salad with Ice Cream or Cream
  • It was decided at the Joint Presidents Meeting that individuals wishing to find billets for the Tamworth Muster next weekend should make their own arrangements with potential billets.
  • No firm date has been set down for the “Stop Hunger Now” program and it is still loosely scheduled for the last week in November or the first week in December.
  • It was noted that significant work had been done on the club web site – thank you Ken.
  • John Mackay reported that two cheques had been written on the Administration Account in the past week. The first was to the Rotary Down Under magazine for $140 for 7 additional subscription members added for July – December. The second was to the NSW Government Fair Trading for $20 for a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation that we need in order to establish internet banking facilities for the club. As the new statement has not yet been received and we have no internet banking facility at this time an exact balance was not possible. As at 1/09/2015 The Project Account held $587.59 and the Administration Account held $1590.15
  • John & Dorothy are still not receiving “The Rotarian”. A letter has been sent to RI data corrections but at this time I have only received an automated acknowledgement that my email has been received.
  • Tickets for the film night in support of Polio Plus will be $20 per ticket. A complimentary glass of wine will be included. Details from the Enews are included below:

District 9650 World Polio Day Fundraiser Wednesday 21st October 2015 Movie premiere of Bridge of Spies, an historical, biographical drama thriller directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks, Mark Rylance, Any Ryan and Alan Alda. Brooklyn lawyer James B Donovan (Tom Hanks) is thrust into the centre of the Cold War when he is given the mission to negotiate the release of Francis Gary Powers, a pilot whose U-2 spy plane was shot down over the Soviet Union in 1960. Francis Gary Powers Jr, the pilot’s son, has a cameo role in the film and was also brought on as a technical consultant. He is founder of the Cold War Museum.
Tickets are available from Phil Lyon (0407 844 561). Please note that the Enews has another date listed – the date varies from one town to the next – in Tamworth it is showing on Wednesday 21st October.

  • The District Muster is on the 18th & 19th of October and the venue is the Joblink Plus premises.
  • The trip to Lightening Ridge is on the (Friday) 23rd of October to Sunday 24th of October. The trip to Lightening Ridge has been “modified”. The last information I heard was that there are only around 13 acceptances, the bus has been cancelled, as this was a significant component of the costs, and a number of us are travelling in our own vehicles and some are taking their own Caravans (including Annette and I).Some cabins may be available for anyone who does not own a caravan but you will need to book soon. As I understand it there are still places available, so anyone interested should contact Evrol Keeys on 0414 782 707 for the latest details.
  • Next “Go To Meeting” is scheduled for Thursday, 22nd October 2015 at 7:00 pm. Please note: The next meeting is a face to face meeting at the City Sider Motel and this link is only included for people who cannot attend or people from other clubs who wish to visit our club or do a makeup.