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Minutes from the last GoToMeeting 19 February 2015

1. The Structure of the Club was discussed. Should be like any other Rotary Club meeting. John Mackay to develop a short survey to ask some or all of the following questions:

a) What do we want from the Club?
b) What do we want from a meeting?
c) What sort of structure do we want from the meetings online?
d) What projects can we consider?
e) Who are our target audience?
f) How can we develop our own character?

2. Some suggestions were made:
a) Happy Dollars as a fund raiser?
b) Fellowship technique?
c) How do we organize our finances so that we pay something each meeting?
d) Donation tins on the website?
e) Choosing sister clubs that can assist with our formation?
f) When and where are we going to organize a changeover in 2015?

3. Dorothy Barwick to do's:
a) representing the Club at the District Conference and the Annual General Meeting in Inverell
b) will go to PETS from the Club
c) will host a member's night at their home next meeting 5th March
d) to contact Richard Varnish in Newcastle  0455203292

4. Invite other Rotarians to join us with GoToMeetings on the front page of the website

5. Consider using Basecamp with one project for the Club


How healthy is your club?