Miles to End Polio

On 22 November, Rotary International General Secretary John Hewko and six Rotary staff members will be joining Arizona Rotary members to bike up to 104 miles in El Tour de Tucson bike ride to fund raise for polio eradication. The event attracts more than 9,000 cyclists a year as one of the top cycling events in the United States. John and the Rotary team are aiming to raise $1 million for the fight to end polio at the event.
Make a contribution to help Rotary create a polio-free world at:

Graffiti REMOVAL DAY – October 26

Graffiti Removal Day 2013 was a great success.
The volunteers played a large part in the day being so successful.
With Graffiti Removal Day 2014 fast approaching – October 26 – we are again calling on Rotarians and members of the public to assist with removing graffiti from our suburbs.
We notice that you volunteered to help on the day last year and would like to give you the opportunity to again be part of this great day.
Please visit our website: to register to be a volunteer and to nominate any sites in your area.
We thank you for your assistance.    Support Team   Graffiti Removal Day 2014


Paul Ying, Tamworth Rotary writes:
Information on Graffiti Removal Day – Sunday, October 26, 2014:

We are asking Rotary members, businesses, and concern public to nominate graffiti sites to be cleaned.. Preferred sites are those located on Crown or Council land, sites on private land required permission and approval from owner concern.
Waiting for the Council Ranger for his suggestion of sites.
So far only one site in south Tamworth has been suggested
Calling for volunteers by end of September, need support from combined Presidents meeting.
Submission of sites to RDU Graffiti Support Team.
Ordering of paint, solution and equipment by mid October.
As I will be away from 19 September to 17 October (I will be available through internet for support) I need some members to coordinate the program while I’m away.  I take the opportunity to apply for leave of absence during this period of time. I’ll try my best for makeups while I’m away.  Cheers

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Top 10 things you should know about the new Rotary Foundation funding model

Top 10 things you should know about the new Rotary Foundation funding model

140616_riseleyBy Ian Riseley, Rotary Foundation Trustee, Foundation Finance Committee chair

I’ve been very involved in the development of our Foundation’s new funding model and have closely followed the questions being raised about it in social media and elsewhere. The new funding model for The Rotary Foundation was developed because our ability to continue “doing good in the world” depends heavily on the Foundation having long-term financial stability. In the interests of improved communication and understanding of the changes, here are 10 important things to know about the new model, which becomes effective on 1 July 2015.

  1. Rotarians and clubs will benefit

Rotary’s strength lies in the talents and dedication of its members and clubs. The recent recession showed that we must have adequate reserves in our Rotary Foundation to ensure that we don’t have to cut programs and services in times of poor investment returns, and the increased volatility in financial markets emphasized the need for an adequate level of reserves. The new funding model is necessary to ensure resources are available to support the work of Rotarians now and in the future. The Foundation’s current policy is to maintain an operating reserve equal to three years’ worth of operating expenses.

  1. PolioPlus Fund contributions are not affected in any way
  2. Endowment Fund Contributions are not affected in any way
  3. District Designated Funds are not affected in any way
  4. 5% of Annual Fund contributions are set aside from the World Fund

After Annual Fund contributions are invested, 50% will continue to go to District Designated Funds (DDF) and 50% to the World Fund. The 5% being set aside to help pay for the Foundation’s operating expenses will come from the World Fund, but will only be used if needed to pay those expenses or to fully fund the operating reserve. If they are not needed for those purposes, they may remain in the World Fund for grants.

  1. 5% of cash contributions for global grants set aside

Under the current system, cash contributed in support of a grant by clubs and districts requires administration, but provides no investment income to meet the cost of that administration, because the funds are not retained by the Foundation for any length of time and therefore do not generate investment income. The 5% set aside from cash contributions for global grants will help pay the costs of processing, etc. It is not uncommon for many clubs to support a single global grant, and some clubs include payments from many members, thus requiring donor recognition to be processed for each contribution. Cash may also need to be converted into one of the 28 official Rotary currencies and then transferred to an international bank account for the project to be implemented.

  1. Up to 10% of corporate gifts set aside

Using up to 10% of large corporate contributions for operating expenses is a well-accepted practice among donors to charities. By obtaining such gifts, the Foundation can increase support for the projects in our areas of focus. Our polio eradication efforts, for example, have benefitted greatly from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s support. Up to 10% of these gifts will contribute to our administration costs, thus leaving more funds to support the grants for clubs and districts.

  1. A communication plan is in place

The Trustees recognize that open, clear communication fosters Rotarians’ continued support of, and active involvement in, Foundation programs. The first step in the funding model communication plan was an announcement on with a link to Securing Our Foundation’s Future. Watch for more information in Rotary media, coming soon.

  1. Training and resources are being developed

Training manuals for officers and committees at the district and club levels are being updated, and webinars and e-learning modules are being developed. For details, contact

  1.   The Foundation has a record of financial stewardship and transparency

Our Foundation has consistently earned high ratings for sound fiscal management from Charity Navigator and other agencies. Find more on Foundation finances and ratings.

Questions or comments? Please, contact

I hope you will continue to make our Foundation one of your preferred charities. Every contribution is important and deeply appreciated. The projects and work we accomplish together as Rotarians are life changing.

New member

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From Gemma An Update on The School of St Jude


The School of St Jude

Hi Everyone,

In this months newsletter I’m proudly sharing several stories about students who have won awards or landed extraordinary opportunities through their academic achievements. 

One of our senior students, Liston, spent three weeks in South Africa learning leadership skills with over 40 students from around the world! 

Seeing our students achieve wide-spread recognition reinforces my belief that investing in their high-quality education will have a profound effect on their generation in Tanzania.

Also in this edition …

  • Receive a FREE copy of our heartwarming St Jude’s DVD!
  • Felix is off to Australia in October
  • A hectic day in the life of our bus drivers
  • Learning how to make sandals and batik during Extra Curricular Activities Day
  • And much more!

Thank you,

Rotarians are a powerful force for polio eradication

Rotarians are a powerful force for polio eradication

A child is immunized against polio.

By Steve Crane, a member of the Rotary Club of Seattle, Washington, USA, and a polio survivor. Crane has been appointed district polio eradication advocacy chair by successive governors in District 5030.

Rotary members are being asked if recent headlines mean there is some doubt about ending polio for good. Our answer is that the end of polio in India is the headline to remember.

We are at the heart of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), a partnership of Rotary International, the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and many national governments. Rotary has contributed $1.3 billion to the GPEI through PolioPlus. And it is committed to adding up to $105 million per year over the next four years through the End Polio Now: Make History Today campaign. 

Rotary’s commitment to eradicating polio is much larger than $1.3 billion. Our 1.2 million members volunteer countless hours to participate in every facet of the work required. We are engaged in the GPEI’s strategic planning and management by facilitating critical cooperation among international and national government partners. Our consultations with global health leaders help develop the new ideas and course corrections needed.

Rotarians are effective advocates as local and national business leaders and as political constituents, working with our partners to break through the toughest barriers blocking eradication. And our advocacy has helped secure more than $9 billion from donor governments for the GPEI.

Our dedicated volunteers make it possible to conduct successful National Immunization Days (NIDs) in the polio-endemic countries — Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan — and all those affected by the disease. It was Rotary advocacy that made NID’s central to the global eradication strategy. That has helped decrease the number of polio cases worldwide by 99.9 percent. Until we reach 100 percent, however, outbreaks are inevitable.  When they occur, Rotarians are among the first to respond.

Outbreaks stem from wild poliovirus people carry from one of the three remaining endemic countries. In each country, Rotarian expertise and counsel are fully at work. When, for example, GPS and GIS technologies were adapted for the Nigeria campaign, the Nigeria National PolioPlus Committee weighed in on the course corrections needed to fill the immunization gaps. As a result, polio cases in Nigeria are almost gone.

The toughest headlines are coming from Pakistan. Violence is killing vaccinators and cases are increasing in the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan. In response, new security measures are being taken to protect vaccinators. A polio eradication Emergency Operations Centre was established in Karachi in July.

The Pakistan National PolioPlus Committee, chaired by Aziz Memon, has over 30 members working at every level of government to make the country polio free. It was their counterparts on the India National PolioPlus Committee who helped ensure the success of the campaign there.

Every Rotarian has a role as a polio eradication advocate. You are needed to convince your elected leaders that our competence, energy, and determination are behind their polio eradication funding as well as ours. Write or call to tell them all the ways eradication has Rotary’s steadfast support and how much we need theirs.

Dr. Bruce Aylward, who leads WHO’s polio eradication work, has declared Rotary’s voice “the most powerful weapon we have in the war against polio.”  Be confident that Rotarians won’t rest until polio is stopped, and be sure your Rotary voice is heard.

Connect for Good at the Rotary Convention — 6 to 9 June 2015

 Connect for Good at the Rotary Convention — 6 to 9 June 2015 Rotary.orgMeetings and Events
ear Rotarian,
Bom dia! You’re invited to the 2015 Rotary International Convention in São Paulo, Brazil.
If you haven’t already heard, the convention dates have changed. The fun now begins one day earlier on Saturday, 6 June and continues through Tuesday, 9 June 2015. Plan now to enjoy the Rotary Carnival at Anhembi Parque following the opening plenary on Saturday. São Paulo offers all the excitement and activities of a world-class city, along with diverse neighborhoods filled with ethnic restaurants, art galleries, and trendy bars – the perfect backdrop for connecting with Rotary members from around the world.
For those wanting to learn more about the Brazilian culture, music, and cuisine, the Host Committee has planned exciting events including the Rotary Carnival, concerts featuring renowned Brazilian performers, and bookings for fine restaurants every night of the convention. Still not convinced?
Watch this video and read more about the RI Convention in Brazil.
Register now to receive the lowest rates available. And book your convention hotel room through Rotary’s housing agent to take advantage of competitive nightly rates.
Warm, engaging, playful – these are the words used to describe the people you’ll meet in Brazil.
Don’t miss this opportunity to discover Brazil through Rotary.
See you in São Paulo!
Meetings and Events,
Rotary International

Finding common ground at an RI

Situations IN Modern day DEMOCRACY

Situations IN Modern day DEMOCRACY

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