First meeting held on line using Go to Meeting 23 July 2014

The first meeting of the e9650 Rotary Club was held using Go to Meeting on 23 July 2014.

It was agreed that OUR MISSION is to provide an alternative means for Rotarians to meet on line, changing lives both locally, nationally and internationally.

OUR VISION is to contribute to our District Rotary community through nurturing, educating and sharing.

Each member attending the Go to Meeting briefly introduced themselves giving reasons why they find this form of meeting to be an advantage to themselves.

The use of the website was discussed with a strong suggestion that we should consider as a means of providing to members the full resources and information of Rotary International and use this information to attract new members.

The use of Go to Meeting as a vehicle to allow the Club to meet fortnightly on line o at least monthly was also discussed with suggestions coming from members as to possible guest speakers. This is also a great way for other Rotarians to makeup. The District provides the Go to Meeting forum for the Club to use at this juncture.

The finances of the Club were discussed with direct deposits to be made on line. It was agreed that that annual subscription should be $200 with $10 per meeting being contributed by Club members in lieu of dinner.


Service work was considered including credit given for both Individual Service work and the opportunity to consider collective service work.

NEXT MEETING – Consider recruiting as the topic for discussion. Please forward your ideas to Ken
Possible recruiting from RYLA 2013 to be considered.
Guest speaker : Ric McCarthy (Bowral) on: Dream Cricket

DATE: THURSDAY 7th August 7pm to 8pm

.Dream Cricket Full

DreamCricket was initiated by the Movement Disorder Foundation in concert with the Rotary Clubs of the Southern Highlands and the Bradman Foundation. The aim to provide an opportunity for primary school students with a disability to play on the Bradman Oval and to visit the Bradman International Cricket Hall of Fame. The program has grown to encompass schools and children throughout Australia and internationally. DreamCricket clinics are conducted in schools as part of an experience culminating in a DreamCricket Day on a significant local oval involving all schools within the area.

        “Building confidence and self-esteem through movement and participation”

Dream cricket in action at Tamworth Public School

dream cricket 1 dream cricket 2 dream cricket 3




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Dates changed for 2015 São Paulo Convention

Dates changed for 2015 São Paulo Convention

Rotary International President Gary Huang and the RI Board have changed the dates for the 2015 Rotary Convention in São Paulo, Brazil, to Saturday, 6 June, through Tuesday, 9 June – starting and ending one day earlier than previously scheduled. The dates were changed because the original opening day (Sunday, 7 June) coincided with one of the city’s most popular parades.