Rotary weekly – 18 April 2014 | A roundup of Rotary news

Moving doctor’s office rescues women from breast cancer

Through a global grant, Rotary members in India are fighting disease and raising breast cancer awareness with a mobile lab that brings mammography services right to women’s doorsteps. The project is an example of how you can work sustainability and training into a global grant involving a vehicle. Read more and follow these links for other examples of Rotary members working to prevent disease.

Paralympian Dennis Ogbe defies paralysis

At age three, Dennis Ogbe contracted malaria, and while receiving treatment at a clinic near his home in rural Nigeria, he became infected with the poliovirus. Now a U.S. citizen, Ogbe has made a name for himself in the international Paralympic community. Read his conversation with The Rotarian, and learn more about our efforts to eradicate polio.

Fun, Fellowship and Service in Sydney!