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Centurion and Paul Harris Society

Attached are three documents from PDG Maurie Stack and PDG
Neville Parsons for your information and discussion at Club or Board meetings.

18 January 2017
Dear Club President,

We are respectively the Centurion and Paul Harris Society representatives on the District Rotary Foundation Committee this year.
We are keen to encourage every member of your club to consider becoming a Centurion member of the Rotary Foundation this year, which is of course the Centenary year since the Foundation was formed in 1917.
What they need to do is to commit to contributing US$100 per year to the Foundation. As the exchange rate is continually moving, in order to keep this simple, we as a District will recognise A$120 per annum as the amount required i.e.A$10 per month.
We would also ask that some of your members consider becoming Paul Harris Society members. That involves a contribution of US$1,000 per annum or, in practical terms A$100 per month.
Obviously we recognise that the financial position of Rotarians varies widely but statistics indicate that the average Australian supports three charities in the course of the year. We are encouraging Rotarians in our District to consider making the Rotary Foundation one of their charities.
Much as we would love to visit every club in the District to promote this cause, it isn’t practicable. Can you help us by:

  1. Selecting a club meeting to promote Centurion and Paul Harris Society Membership.
  2. Asking your club Foundation Officer – or if you don’t have one perhaps you could handle this yourself – to present the enclosed PowerPoint presentation.
  3. Printing enough copies of the enclosed Contribution Form so that one can be distributed to each member of your club. In addition – but not instead – perhaps a copy could be emailed with the dinner notice. Ideally have a pile of pens or pencils available.
  4. Giving your members 5 minutes at the end of the presentation to consider becoming Centurion or Paul Harris Society Members and if so to complete the enclosed form. Tell them to ignore the club number and their personal member ID if they don’t know it.
  5. If they do want to join, ask them to commit to A$10 per month, $100 per month or whatever they can afford. Point out that it is tax-deductible.
  6. Could your club send the completed forms to the Rotary Foundation at the address on the bottom of the form.
  7. Send Neville a list of those from your club who have committed to become Centurions so that he can arrange to provide you with the appropriate number of Centurion badges and Centurion member certificates. Neville’s email:
  8. Give Maurie Stack a list of any who have agreed to become Paul Harris Society members for the same reason. Maurie’s email:
  9. If any of your members are already making such a contribution (or more) annually to the Foundation, could you ask them to email us details so that I can add them to the District Register of Centurion and Paul Harris Society Members.

We draw to attention and that February 23 is the anniversary of the 1st meeting of Rotary in 1905. Failing all else, that might be a good week for this purpose.

Best wishes,    PDG Neville  Parsons ;     PDG Maurie Stack

Centurion Program

TARFT Contribution Form



Article by RC PDG Jessie Harman

Young people want to be office bearers and meaningful leaders in Rotary, and they want to support causes that they can relate to – these were just two of the many findings from the Australian National Youth Summit held recently in Canberra.
Held in parallel with the National Membership Success Seminar, the Youth Summit brought together around 25 young people from Rotary, Rotaract, and Youth Exchange. It was facilitated by young Rotarians Damian Leach, Kaye Titmarsh and Natalie Jupe.
The theme of the Summit was ‘Shaping the Future of Rotary in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific’. During the weekend the young participants discussed three key questions: How do we make Rotary more attractive to young people? How can we better retain our Alumni? How can we support young people to be effective leader provided a number of useful recommendations for Rotary. They highlighted the importance of mentoring, and the value of maintaining strong personal relationships with alumni. They stressed the need for more information and training, and targeted communications to improve Rotary’s public image for young people. They highlighted the importance of increasing flexibility in clubs.

One important insight from the Summit was that young people want to be meaningful leaders in their clubs. They want the development opportunities that come with leadership positions, but they seek meaningful leadership roles, not simply ‘tokenistic’ positions, or those which pigeon hole them to a particular ‘young person’ role. And whilst recognising they have much to learn through Rotary, young people also want to be recognised for the energy, experience and ‘can-do’ attitude they can bring to clubs.

Another important insight was that young people want to be involved in causes they can relate to. They want less focus on conversation, and more focus on actually making a difference in the community. Like other Rotarians, they seek opportunities to participate and take ownership of projects which are relevant to theirs and the community’s interests. They love the diversity of the causes that Rotarians embrace.
The themes from the Youth Summit are currently being collated into a communiqué which will be forwarded to Governors of all Districts throughout the Zone, and to Rotary International through Zone Director, Guiller Tumangan. The communiqué will also be available to all Rotarians on the Rotary Australia website.


Rotary International Weekly

Request from the College of Country Music

A request to the combined Rotary Presidents meeting.
Some years ago, as Coordinator of the (then) College of Country Music, we assembled a group of corporate and community supporters to enable us to deliver this world-first program for aspiring young writers and performers.
One of those support sponsorships was provided by the combined Rotary clubs of Tamworth.
Now that I’m Chair/President of the CMAA and Academy again, I’m hoping to reinstate that support.
I’m grateful for your offer to present a proposal to the Presidents.
Brief Background: The Academy (previously College) of Country Music has been running for 18 years.  It was, and continues to be, a world-first program for those setting out on a career in country music. The original program involving 25 over-18 year old youngsters, has been augmented in recent years with a Junior Academy of similar size. The students spend two weeks living at Calrossy and are tutored by our leading performers and industry practitioners in song writing, instrumental and vocal skills, performance and stagecraft, teamwork and business skills. The students work in groups (bands) with a dedicated group leader and ‘graduate’ at a public concert at the beginning of the annual Tamworth Festival.
It is the best thing that the CMAA does, and the record of achievements by graduates is outstanding.  A number of our current stars – The McClymonts, Sara Storer, Adam Eckersley, Ashleigh Dallas, The Sunny Cowgirls, Amber Lawrence, Drew McAlister … have graduated from the program, as have the great majority of StarMaker winners and Best New Talent Golden Guitar winners over the last decade.
Many of the graduates return yearly to share their skills as guest lecturers, tutors and group leaders. We are very excited that Lynn Bowtell, one of our most awarded graduates and a long-time group leader will, this year, assume the role of Academy Director.
The Request: We are committed to providing the very best experience we can for these incredibly talented youngsters – most importantly at their Graduation Concert. This event is commonly reported as “one of the best shows of the Festival”, and will continue to be so. We want to make sure as many people as possible get a chance to see these stars of tomorrow at this stage of their development.
What we’d like the combined Rotary Clubs to do is help us deliver the audience they deserve:
We are requesting a combined commitment to purchase 150 tickets at $15 dollars each ($2250 in total).  We would be happy for the clubs to on-sell them at a premium to aid their own fundraising should they want to. It’s a wonderful show and deserves a large audience. I hope you’ll agree to help.
Dobe Newton OAM, Chair/President, Country Music Association of Australia & Academy of Country Music.


Presidents Elect Training Seminar Joblink Plus Tamworth – 18th and 19th April 2015

Gift to the World
Presidents Elect Training Seminar  FOR IN-COMING PRESIDENTS & PARTNERS
Joblink Plus Tamworth – 18th and 19th April 2015
N.B. Enter from Byrnes Lane at Rear of JoblinkPlus

‘If you have been a President before, your experience is really important and will provide important guidance to first time Presidents from other clubs.’

Day Time Dress: Tidy casual.
Saturday Night’s Dinner Dress: Smart Casual.

Time Details Presenters
11.30am Registration with Lunches provided Host Clubs (Tamworth)





District Trainer (Brian Beesley )

District Governor (Greg Moran)

DGE (Maurie Stack)

12.15pm RI President’s Address

Introduction – Dist. Leadership Team

District Strategic Plan

Presidential Citation


Governor Elect Maurie Stack


12.30pm Community Service Director Annette Mackay
12.45pm International Service Director Greg Moran
1.00pm Youth


Director Di Christian
1.15 pm Membership Development and Retention


Director Nick Wright


1.30 pm Ideas Exchange

Opportunity for Presidents to discuss how they may meet IRPE Ravi’s goals – and to compare notes as to plans for year ahead.

Divided into Cluster groups of (1&2) (3&4) (5&6) (7+8+9)

Assistant Governors to lead.

Maurie Brian and any Keynote Speakers to float

2.30 pm Accessing Grants

The smarter way to raise funds

“The Grants Guy” – Kieran Fraser
3.00 pm Afternoon Tea
3.15 PM Rotary Foundation Mark Anderson

Senior Coordinator Fund Development -Rotary Foundation

3.45 PM Rotary Foundation Goals for our year


Jo Wilkin; Maurie
4 PM


Using the RI Website


Ivan Burrell

Social Media – Rotary Down Under

4:30 PM Ideas Exchange   – Foundation, RI Website, Social Media, Seeking Grants

Clusters 1, 3, 5, 7, 9

Clusters 2 4 6 8






5.00pm End of formal session
6.30pm Pre-diner drinks Venue
7.00pm Dinner



Sunday 26 February 2011

     Time Details Presenters
8 AM Announcements


Trainer Brian
8:10 AM Partners Project

Rotary Australia Organ Donor Program


Deidre Stack


8:20 AM Compliance Finance Chair Michael Roohan

District Secretary Elizabeth Tollis

8:40 AM District Governor visits




8:50 AM Approval of District Budget


Treasurer Ian Croker
9 AM Public Image

Understanding the Media

Director Simon Chamberlain
9:15 AM Vocational Services Awards

Emergency Services Awards

Policeman of the Year Award

Teachers Recognition Dinner

Director Joyce Drury
9:30 AM Introduction to Basecamp


10 AM Morning Tea


10:20 AM Launch of Website Bruce Hemmett
10:35 AM District Celebration 15/17 April 2016 Maurie
10:45 AM Seoul Convention DGE Ian Jackson
10:55 AM RYLA and NYSF
11:10 AM District Assembly 3/5 and 24/5

and District Muster

11:20 AM Ideas Exchange

Clusters 1, 3, 5, 7, 9

Clusters 2 4 6 8




12:20 PM Closing Comments Maurie
12:30 PM Finish and lunch
Safe journey home

Other details: 
At all levels of Rotary we are aware of cost. For training of all our teams there is limited District finance to provide the basic training materials and unfortunately nothing to cover attendee’s accommodation or meals.  You can see from the program your training requires an overnight stay.  It is up to each Club to offer an attending President Elect a reimbursement of costs if that is required.  For this weekend the Total catering costs will be $70. This includes Saturday sandwich lunch, afternoon tea and Buffet Dinner plus Sunday morning tea and lunch.

If in an emergency you are unable to attend PETS, it will be necessary to contact DGE Maurie, asap. Mobile 0427 668 821 or

The workplace of tomorrow; Are you ripe for disruption?; What business are you REALLY in?



In this March Newsletter edition, Michael McQueen outlines 6 workplace trends of the future, explores the key indicators that you are ripe for disruption, and highlights the importance of knowing what business you are REALLY in.



The workplace of tomorrow

In this recent article for Business Insider Magazine, Michael highlights 6 key trends that will profoundly change how (and where) we work in the short- to near-term.From freelancers to radical flexibility, the workplace of the future will be a very different and exciting place. Are you ready for what lies ahead?

Are you ripe for disruption?

Disruption is defined as change that is revolutionary rather than evolutionary and it abounds in a modern era (consider Blockbuster video as a case in point).Michael was recently interviewed by ‘The Age’ for an article exploring which industries and business models are likely to be disrupted in the coming years – and how anyone can know if they’re ripe for disruption.

To read the article, click here.


What business are you REALLY in?

One of the biggest mistakes any business or organisation can make is to lose sight of WHO they are and WHY they exist and instead define themselves by WHAT they do.Looking at how brands like Kodak fell into this trap, in this video clip Michael highlights why being ruthlessly clear on what business you are in is vital if you hope to stay relevant as times change.

To watch the clip, click here.

AUS > 1300 701 915
USA > 1 888 841 7742
PO Box 334 North Sydney
228 Park Ave S #91164


Meeting minutes 19 Mar 15



  1. It was identified that we need to check incoming position on the Rotary International website. John Mackay to check out details on web site prior to next meeting. Ken hall to spend time during next meeting running all members through Rotary websites.
  2. We discussed the membership fee level for the incoming year. It was decided to set the fees at $200. This was comprised of the $90 district fee and the $90 (US) ($90 US equates to $117 Australian at its current level of 77c Aus = $1 US) This means that there is a (current) shortfall of $7 per person which will have to be met from the club’s Administration Account. If our exchange rate falls to 75c as some have suggested then there is a shortfall of $10 per member. The more members we have then the greater the impost on our Administration Account.
  3. It was decided to have our Changeover Dinner at the “Long Tan” room at Diggers on Thursday 25th June 2015. Nominated time was 6.30pm for 7.00pm. It was decided that the meal would be alternate drop (choice of two) and it was revealed that this choice would cost our club $32 per person. Additional costs included the “one off” booking fee of $75 and the free meals provided to visiting Club Presidents. It was decided that the cost, as advised on the invitations would be $40 per person with any additional cost being met from the Club Administration account.

Financial Balances were:

Administration Ac: 032-625 790814 $644.27
Rotary Club of Tamworth North Project Ac. 032-621 790822 $12.50
Interest $0.88/$0.01
  1. Dorothy has donated payment Banners used at conference $220 Ken has donated payment for Glowstix $49.37
  2. Ken has noted with Michael Roohan, Chair, District Finance committee that club would like access to Xero (accounting program)
  3. Next meeting 2nd April 2015 at 7pm for 1 hour. Notification has already been.
  4. Promotional pamphlet to be considered at the next meeting. Ken to prepare and organize.
  5. You can locate the e9650 Rotary Club Facebook page at
  6. Roadside signs to include eClub website. John Green to organize .
  7. Dawn service on Anzac Day – John Mackay to contact Phil Lyon to volunteer services 5am
  8. Tamworth Club are pursuing a project to install girls toilets at schools in India. John Mackay indicated his desire that the eClub could provide some measure of financial support (donation) from the project account he is depositing into each week
  9. John Mackay was asked to prepare a list of guests, including contact details so that invitations could be sent This item is causing me some concern as I don’t know all the people involved. John Green emailed a list of ex members during the conduct of the meeting – it did not appear in my “inbox”

2nd April 2015  Only Dorothy Barwick and Ken Hall were on line. Apologies from everyone else prior to Easter.

1. Next meeting will be held on line 23rd April 2015. Technology meeting.

2. Governor’s visit. Need to find out when and how? Dorothy Barwick to check at PETS. She has registered for PETS.











Minutes from the last GoToMeeting 19 February 2015

1. The Structure of the Club was discussed. Should be like any other Rotary Club meeting. John Mackay to develop a short survey to ask some or all of the following questions:

a) What do we want from the Club?
b) What do we want from a meeting?
c) What sort of structure do we want from the meetings online?
d) What projects can we consider?
e) Who are our target audience?
f) How can we develop our own character?

2. Some suggestions were made:
a) Happy Dollars as a fund raiser?
b) Fellowship technique?
c) How do we organize our finances so that we pay something each meeting?
d) Donation tins on the website?
e) Choosing sister clubs that can assist with our formation?
f) When and where are we going to organize a changeover in 2015?

3. Dorothy Barwick to do’s:
a) representing the Club at the District Conference and the Annual General Meeting in Inverell
b) will go to PETS from the Club
c) will host a member’s night at their home next meeting 5th March
d) to contact Richard Varnish in Newcastle  0455203292

4. Invite other Rotarians to join us with GoToMeetings on the front page of the website

5. Consider using Basecamp with one project for the Club